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Initially, I have signed up for the design works. I am really satisfied with their works. My posts are getting more engagements soon after I started designing with social Maverick. I trust these people and handed over my page handling to them. So far so good my pages are getting good results.


I have two Instagram pages. One is growing so well. The second one is also growing but a bit slow. The maverick team suggested some tweaks to do. It started showing results now


Maverick support is amazing. They are very good brand promotors and they know most of the things about social media marketing and branding.  Very satisfied with the assistance they give us.


Social maverick helps me get around 500 follows every month. Overall my growth is around 1000 followers a month. But from the metrics came to know that half of them are from Social Maverick’s campaigns. Keep posting good images. Your profile will be seen by thousands of people.


Awesome results. Social Maverick helped me grow my page and business so well. I never received any complaints or negative comments on my pages. Everything going well for me. Initially, I had few concerns but they got it cleared and started working very smoothly. Highly recommend.


Helpful and easy to work with. Growth has been great and the followers have been quality.