Grow With Us

We make your Instagram page engage with the relevant audiences from your targeted locations. The strategy includes giving likes and viewing stories of your audience which makes them notice you and give a visit back to your page. Continuous engagements result in more follow-backs and business. Your managers will make sure your brand presence and engagements are adequate enough for a stable growth and businesses. After signing up our account managers will share a data sheet to fill. We analyze the data you fill in and will come up with a plan of action.

Design With Us

Social Maverick design team is having enough industry experience in social media graphic designing. We can take care of your brand’s design requirements with the help of our versatile admin panel where you can share your ideas, samples and requirements with us. We will make sure your requirements are met and your brand’s voice is loud and clear. We will provide 3 revisions to makes sure requirements are met. We use professional designing tools. We don't use Canva.


Frequently asked questions

1.     How many followers should I expect ?

Account to account result varies. Your page is definitely going to see a higher number of Instagram followers If you’re consistently posting high-quality content. We can guarantee your page will be introduced to the mass audience in your niche. We will not guarantee you any specific number of followers because these are real people and the decision of following back is completely up to them. Please don’t believe any company that guarantee a specific number of followers, it's impossible to do so. You will end up having fake followers.

2.   Why do I need more followers ?

More followers are signs of credibility and social proof. It will definitely improve your  business in the long run. We helps you get more REAL followers on Instagram.

3.   What are the activities Social Maverick do with my Instagram account?

We like posts of people from your targeted niche just to let them know “ Hey We are here please do check out us”. We provide you as many as options to find your target audience. Other than this we provide you a platform to interact with your followers. We don’t allow you to DM random accounts. We designed our product to grow your presence and follows maintaining your brand authenticity. We don’t do any spammy stuff.

4.   Do you offer free trial ?

We have a 15 day money-back guarantee on our engagement services. Design service is included in our PLUS and PREMIUM packages. It is a pay as you go model. You can cancel the service any time you want. We will pay you back the balance amount within 7 working days

5.   Do you have list of brands work with you ?

Yes please do checkout our review section. But we don’t mention the brand name as it violates our privacy policy. We make sure your brand name won't be visible anywhere.

6.   What if we need changes in design works?

We provide 3 revisions on each design. If required we will provide further revisions based on your history of revisions. We design from our past experiences of customer engagements.